William Tabanou

6506 Kenwater Ave., Los Angeles , California 91307 United States

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Best Sound on Feature Film "Intersection" (Global Independent Film Festival), 2015

LA Music Awards , Music Producer Of The Year, 2006



Project Dorothy (2019)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Kinogo Pictures

The Illegal (2019)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Renzu Films_Tucker/Hess Productions

Useless Human (2019)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Kinogo Pictures

Be The Light (2018)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Vision Vehicle Productions

Queen Of The Capital (2018)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Lot1 Films/Wirth Pictures

Where We Go From Here (2018)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Meindl Films

Exorcism At 60,000 Feet (2018)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/G&C Films

The Great Race (2017)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Rebel Road Entertainment

3 Years In Pakistan: The Erik Aude Story (2017)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Point Of View Pictures

The Reunion (2017)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/A French Palm Prod.

Tournament (2017)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Ladyfilmakers

Cynthia (2016)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/G&C Films

P.T. Barnum_The Lost Legend (2016)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Boutilier Films

You Found Me (2016)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/No One Left Behind Productions

Illicit (2016)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/New Breed Entertainment

Texas Heart (2015)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Buffalo Speedway Film Company

Midnight Return (2015)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Midnight Return Production

Intersection (2015)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Mootpoint Pictures

When The Bough Breaks (2015)/Re-recording Mixer/Point Of View Pictures

Southbounders (2015)/Re-recording Mixer_remastering/3:41am Productions

Jonny's Sweet Revenge (2015)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Buffalo Speedway Pictures

Big Dream (2014)/Re-recording Mixer/Current Project

Clarity (2014)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Iadowr Films

Keep In Touch (2014)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Unbundled Films

Guns For Hire (2014)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Side Tracked Pictures

Sister (2014)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Sister Films

Other Madnesses (2014)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Crutch Films

Coiled (2013)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Mootpoint Pictures

Pass The Light (2013)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Vision Vehicle Productions

Seeing Each Other (2013)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Fisher Productions

Man Up (aka The Brazilian) (2013)/Re-recording Mixer/Fj Productions

Absence (2013)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Cinedigm

Weightless (2013)/Re-recording Mixer/Moon Castle Entertainment

Dead Within (2013)/Re-recording Mixer/3:41am Productions

Blood and Curry (2012)/Re-recording Mixer/ML Productions

Coyote (2012)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/JE Productions

Construction (2012)//Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Vision Vehicle Productions

Liars All (2011-2012)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/CMG

Bigfoot: The Lost Coast Tapes (2011-2012)/Sound Designer/New Breed Entertainment

Birds Of A Feather (2011)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Meindl Films

Closure (2011)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Circle Films

Dysfunctional Friends (2011)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Image Entertainment

228 (2010)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Piety Films

Night Music (2010)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Savilepark Studios

The Shadow People Of Grizzly Flats (2010)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/AF Productions

Gods Of Circumstance (2009)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Catapult Pictures

American Cowslip (2008-2009)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Buffalo Speedway Film Company

Unbeatable Harold (2008)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/LG Entertainment

Last Cup (W.S. of Beer Pong) (2008)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Film 101 Productions

Capers (2008)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Capers Productions

All The Way Home (2007)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Nachtrieb Productions

You (2007)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Dancing Moon Productions

Dark Honeymoon (2007)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Alpine Pictures

Protecting The King (2006)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Impello Films

The Boy Who Loved Hearses (2006)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Film 101 Prods.

The Truth About Film School (2006)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Pirate Dog Pictures

Team Extreme (2005)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Fuel TV

Gods Forgotten House (2005)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Rosehammer Productions

Outdoorsmen-Blood, Sweat and Beers(2005)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Film 101/Spike TV

Every Secret Thing (2004-2005)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Arc Angel Films

Intoxicating (2003-2004)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Rogue Arts

Allie and Me (2002)/Music Editor + Re-recording Mixer/Film Kitchen

Kiss The Bride (2002)/Sound Effects Editor/ASR and Imageworks Pictures

Night Of The Wolf (2002)/Sound Effects Editor/Animal Planet

Buba Ho-Tep (2002)/ADR Editor/Silver Sphere Corp.

The Hitcher II (2002)/Sound Effects + Music Editor/Universal Pictures

Crazy As Hell (2002)/ADR + Sound Effects Editor/Humble Journey Productions

Narc (2001)/DIA,ADR + Music Stage Editor/Paramount/Lions Gate

Hellraiser VI (2001)/Sound Effects Editor/Miramax/Dimension

The Haven (2001)/Sound Effects Editor/Javelin Entertainment

Death Game (2001)/Sound Effects + Music Editor/New Cannon Inc.

Ted Bundy (2001)/ADR, Sound Effects + Music editor/Incessant Barking Productions

Better Luck Tomorrow (2001)/Sound Effects Editor/Hudson River Entertainment

Crime and Punishment (2001)/Sound Effects Editor/New Cannon Inc.

Living In Fear (2001)/Sound Effects Editor/WIN

True Blue (2001)/Sound Effects Editor/Colunbia Pictures

Sweet Thing (2000)/Sound Designer + Production Sound/Jam Pictures L.L.C.

Digging In The Dirt (2000)/Sound Editor + Re-recording Mixer/Garden.com

The Duo (2000)/Production Sound Mixer/Damage Control Prod.

Death For Sale (2000)/Producition Sound Mixer/JB Productions

She likes Me (1999)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/M.L.C Inc.

Best, Texas Grocery (1998)/Boom Operator/Barstool Productions


Progeny (2019)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/AFI Thesis Film

Luce (2019)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/AFI Thesis Film

Florence (2019)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/AFI Thesis Film

Stalled (2019)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/

Evaporar (2019)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Unbundled Underground

In Sound, We Live forever (2018)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/

Loneliness (2018)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/UCLA Thesis Film

The Chef (2018)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/AFI Thesis Film

Happy Animals (2018)/Re-recording Mixer/MEL Films

The River Is Me (2018)/Re-recording Mixer/MEL Films

Dime (2018)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Unbundled Underground

Dance Dance Motherf*cker! (2018)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Unbundled Underground

Maori Metal (2018)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/MEL Films

Waiting Game (2018)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/

How To Live Your Life Correctly (2018)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/AFI Thesis Film

This Great Nation (2018)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer

Guns Found Here (2018)/Re-recording Mixer/MEL Films

This Film Used To Be About Rum (2018)/Re-recording Mixer/MEL Films

Haunt (2018)/Re-recording Mixer/Knuckle Up Productions_AFI Thesis Film

Waiting Game (2018)/Re-recording Mixer/Bloch Films

Nazi VR (2017)/Re-recording Mixer/MEL Films

Alaska DGAF (2017)/Re-recording Mixer/MEL Films

I Want To Marry A Creative Jewish Girl (2017)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/AFI DWW Film

Winston (2017)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/AFI Thesis Film 

Nobody Dies In Longyearbyen (2017)/Re-recording Mixer/MEL Films

Instinct (2017)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/AFI Thesis Film

The Climb (2017)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Unbundled Films

Ferryman At The Wall (2017)/Re-recording Mixer/MEL Films

Dreadspace (2017)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/AFI Thesis Film

El Extrano (2017)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Will Tell Pictures

The Never-Ending Marathon of Mr. Dharam Pal Singh (2017)/Re-recording Mixer/MEL Films

The Processing Station (2017)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/

A Death In Williamsburg (2017)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/A Rabbit & Wolf Production

Blood Money (2017)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/A Good Win Entertainment 

Return To High Chaparral (2017)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/MEL Films

Hell's 9th circle (2017)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Hell's Ninth

The Right Thing (2017)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Fisher Productions

Make Inishturk Great Again (2017)/Re-recording Mixer/MEL Films

Kill Me, Heal Me (2017)/Re-recording Mixer/MEL Films

Freedom for Liberland! (2017)/Re-recording Mixer/MEL Films

Night Call (2017)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Chapman Thesis 

PEPFAR_Ending AIDS Together (2016)/Re-recording Mixer/ Tru Films

Grandma's House (2016)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Giuliano

(Out)caste (2016)//Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/AFI Thesis Film

Like Father, Like Son (2016)/Re-recording Mixer/AFI Thesis Film

The Anniversary (2016)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Kohana Productions

ScriptEd_Scriptd.org (2016)/Re-recording Mixer/Tru films

Above (2016)/Re-recording Mixer/Meindl Films

One Halloween (2016)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/NALIP 

Initiation_2015 (2016)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Beth De Arujo

Atomic Couple! (2016)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Guadalajara Film School

Code Red (2015)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/AFI Directing Workshop for Women

Melody (2015)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Caner Films

Aka Amber (2015)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/AFI Thesis Film

Icebox (2015)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/AFI Thesis Film 

Buck's Plight (2015)Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/BP Production

The Rat Slayer Of Hillside NJ (2015)/Re-recording Mixer/Unbundled Undergound

Woman Outside (2015)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/AFI Thesis Film

The Flesh Of My Lovers (2015)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/AFI Thesis Film

Maintenance Required (2015)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/MR Prods

The Mess (2015)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Godfrey & Anderson

Strings (2015)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Unbundled

Athena Girls (2015)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Meindl Films

Kraft of Revenge: Mousetrap 2 (2014)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Mousetrap Club

A Teenage Drama (2014)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/AFI Thesis Film

Slut (2014)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/AFI Thesis Film

Your Hands (2014)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Unbundled Films

Thank You Card (2013)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Ezell Productions

The Drowned Man (2013)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/AFI Thesis Film

Fickle or Fair (2013)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/AFI Thesis Film

The Kingman (2013)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/ATC Productions

Rapare (2013)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Anderpendle Productions

Dead Man's Bluff (2013)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Guerrero Prods.

Mojave '43 (2012)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/AFI Thesis Film

113 Degrees (2012)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/AFI Short

For Abigail, Love Benjamin (2012)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/AFI Thesis Film

Boats Against The Current (2012)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/UsofAnderson Inc.

Kalifornija (2012)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/AFI Thesis Film

The Introduction (2012)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Blackfish Entertainment

The Hearts Eye View_3D (2011)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Inland Lakes Prod.

In The Pines (2011)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/COC Prod.

T Is For Toss (2011)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Harrel/Rose Prod.

F**K Lance Armstrong (2011)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/FLA Prod.

Exposure (2010)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Lane Street Pictures & ITVS

Fried (2010)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/A Heavenly Muse Production

It Can Be Arranged (2010)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Damage Ink Prod.

Lifes Blood (2009)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Koncept Films

Kowalski (2007)Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/N.Y.C Light + Noise

Falling Down (2007)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/IMDProductions

Year Of The Dog (2006)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Phalum Films

Crossroads (2006)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/DZAP Productions

F*U PayMe (2006)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Swash Buckler Productions

Ice Cream Ants (2006)/Score Re-recording Mixer/Crutch Films

Chop Shop (2006)/Re-recording Mixer/Derrick Brothers Productions

Licking Our Wounds (2005)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Dallas Entertainment

Libby and Will (2005)/Re-recording Mixer/Libby and Will Productions

Chloe (2005)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/DW Brown Productions

Blvd of Dreams (2004)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Wide Eye Pictures

Star Dust (2004)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Immersive Entertainment

Entrevue (2003)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Adourian Films

The Need For Flowers (2003)/Re-recording Mixer/DW Brown Productions

Eiderdown Goose (2002)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Blevins Productions

Two Altercations (2002)/Sound Effects + Music Editor/Lipper Productions

Pack Of Dogs (2002)/Sound Effects + Music Editor/A Frozen Film Production

The Champagne Club (2002)/Dialogue + ADR Editor/Machado Films

Simpatico (2001)/Dialogue Editor/Simpatico Entertainment

The Pirate Island of Jean LaFitte/Production Sound Mixer/Graden Floe Productions



Sword Pen_3 min Animation Spot (2014)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Sword Pen Books

Healthy Kids Project_Animation_10 Spots (2012)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Gotta Look Prod.

Family Band_3 Fox Pilots (2011)/Sound Designer + Re-recording/Fox

Pillars Of The Community_3 Fox Pilots (2011)/Sound Designer + Re-recording/Fox

Healthy Kids Project_Animation Sizzle (2011)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Gotta Look Prod.

Blue Marble Gang_Animation Sizzle (2011)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/BMG Prod.

User Error (2011)Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/JMB Prod.

Sabotage V.O._2 min. video game animation sizzle (2010)//Engineer & Editor/23D Films

East Carolina University 2 min. pre-game football animation sizzle (2010)/V.O. + Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Silo Inc.

Disney XD_Camp Pixie Dust Trailer V.O. (2010)/Engineer & Editor/Disney XD

Disney XD online spots (2007)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/The Walt Disney Co.



The Climb (2019) Feature version)/ADR Recordist/Unbundled Underground

Dude's Brewing Co. (2019)/VO Recordist/Dude's Brewing Co/ESPN Radio

Dude's Brewing Co. (2018)/VO Recordist/Dude's Brewing Co/2018 Commercial Campaign

Dude's Brewing Co. (2016)/VO Recordist/Dude's Brewing Co

E-Life_Feature Documentary (2016)/VO Recordist/Clarke Films

River Kanoff V.O. Animation Demo (2016)/Engineer/River Kanoff Voice Actor

River Kanoff V.O. Commercial Demo (2016)/Engineer/River Kanoff Voice Actor

Jennifer DeFilippo V.O. Animation Demo (2015)/Engineer, Editor + Re-recording Mixer/DeFilippo Productions

Kicks_VO (2015)/Engineer/Unbundled Underground LLC

Ms. Maggie Moe V.O. Animation Demo (2014)/Engineer, Editor + Re-recording Mixer/ Moe Productions

The Rick And Morty Show_Pilot (2012)/V.O. Engineer/Cartoon Network_Adult Swim

Morel Orel_Beforel Orel Episode (2012)/V.O. Engineer/Cartoon Network_Adult Swim

Ali Spuck McNeeley V.O. (2012)/Engineer, Editor + Re-recording Mixer/ASM Productions

Warehouse 13_ADR_1 Episode (2012)/V.O. Engineer/23D

Mary Shelley's Frankenhole _Season 2 Promos (2011)/V.O. Engineer_all 8 Spots /Cartoon Network_Adult Swim

Mary Shelley's Frankenhole _Season 2 (2011)/V.O. Engineer_all 10 Episodes/Cartoon Network_Adult Swim

Family Band_3 Pilot Episodes (2011)/V.O. Engineer/Fox

Pillars Of THe Community_3 Pilot Episodes (2011)/V.O. Engineer/Fox

Kid In A Candy Store_1 episode (2011)/V.O. Engineer/Food Network

Youth Knows No Pain V.O._Director Commentary (2010)/Engineer, Editor + Re-recording Mixer/HBO Documentary Films

EWP Alliance V.O. (2010)/Engineer, Editor + Re-recording Mixer/East West Players

Vinnie Donadio V.O. (2007)/Engineer, Editor + Re-recording Mixer/Donadio Productions

Katie Von Til V.O. Singing Demo (07)/Engineer, Editor + Re-recording Mixer/ Von Til Productions

Stolen Thunder V.O. (2006)/Engineer + Editor/The History Channel

Vision Movie Trailer V.O. (2006)/Engineer, Editor + Re-recording Mixer/Cox Entertainment

Lunch with Larry (2006)/ADR Recordist + Editor/Edelstein Entertainment

Krassimir Kodak TheatreV.O. (2006)/Engineer, Editor + Re-recording Mixer/Mega Mogula, Inc

Katie Von Til Anima.V.O. Demo (06)/Engineer, Editor + Re-recording MixerVon Til Productions

Meredith Baxter V.O. (2005)/Engineer, Editor + Re-recording Mixer/Simple Works L.L.C

Adam Mellema V.O. Demo (2005)/Engineer, Editor + Re-recording Mixer/Mellema Productions

Marie Black V.O. Demos (2004-2005)/Engineer, Editor + Re-recording Mixer/Chicken Productions

Hard Luck (2002)/V.O. Recordist/Film Kitche


Sea Legacy_Alaska (2019)/Unbundled Underground

Strayer Umiversity_5 Commercials (2019)/Fine Films

LRW Brand_2 Spots (2018)/Re-recording Mixer/Unbundled

RISE_2 Spots (2018)/Re-recording Mixer/Unbundled

Dudes Brew_Theatrical & Broadcast Commercials (2018)/Re-recording Mixer/Dudes Brew

Spinning Man_VOD Trailer (2018)/Re-recording Mixer/Universal

Arbonne GTC 2018_14 Commercials (2018)/Re-recording Mixer/Unbundled

Ryot Vertical Video_Saguaros & Todd Murphy spots (2018)/Re-recording Mixer/Unbundled Underground

7-Eleven_2 Infomercials (2018)/Re-recording Mixer/Magic Bullet Media

War Of Clans_9 Commercial app spots (2017)/Re-recording Mixer/matchgirl Films

Sauro_5 Commercials (2017)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Friendly Filmworks

Stage.com_Back to School_4 Commercials (2017)/Re-recording Mixer/Unbundled 

Arbonne GTC 2017_7 Commercials (2017)/Re-recording Mixer/Unbundled

Invisibal Leash_6 commercials (2017)/Sound Designer/Saints Prods

Aveeno_4 Commercials (2017)/Re-recording Mixer/Tru Films

Midnight Return_Sundance Now Trailer (2017)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Sundance Now

Arbonne_6 Commercials (2017)/Re-recording Mixer/Unbundled

AbbVie_6 Infomercials (2016-2017)/Re-recording Mixer/AbbVie

Enfamil_2 Commercials (2016)/Re-recording Mixer/Unbundled

Keep In Touch_Trailer (2016)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Unbundled Underground

When The Bough Breaks: A Documentary About Postpartum Depression_Trailer (2016)/Re-recording Mixer/Point of View Pictures

Other Madnesses_2 Trailers (2016)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Gravitas Ventures

Above_Trailer (2016)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Meindl's Actor's Workshop

Gerber_2 Commercials (2016)/Re-recording Mixer/Matchgirl Films

Midnight Return_Trailer (2016)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Midnight Return L.L.C

Johnny's Sweet Revenge_Trailer (2016)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Gravitas Ventures

Jafra_Commercial_VO (2016)/Engineer/Matchgirl Films

Glamour Magazine_Women of The Year Event"_US Women's National Soccer Team_3 min spot (2015)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Unbundled

Skyzone Gym_Birthday Commercial (2015)/Re-recording Mixer/Unbundled

Arbonne_3 Commercials (2015)/Re-recording Mixer/Unbundled

Skyzone Gym_Winners Commercial (2015)/Re-recording Mixer/Unbundled L.L.C

Skyzone Gym_Investor & Franchise Brand Spots (2015)/Re-recording Mixer/Unbundled L.L.C

Skyzone Gym_Summer Commercial (2015)/Re-recording Mixer/Unbundled L.L.C

Skyzone Gym_Skyslam Commercial (2015)/Re-recording Mixer/Unbundled L.L.C

Skyzone Gym_2 Commercials (2015)/Re-recording Mixer/Unbundled L.L.C

Arbonne_4 Commericals (2015/Re-recording Mixer/Unbundled L.L.C

Crossfit Games 2014 Spot (2015)/Re-recording Mixer/Stubhub Center

Skyzone Gym_4 Commercials (2014)/Re-recording Mixer/Unbundled L.L.C

Glamour Magazine/Award Show_Sizzle (2014)/Re-recording Mixer/Trufilms

Afterburner_Sizzle (2014)/Sound Designer/Re-recording Mixer/Toe Pictures

Surveillance_Sizzle (2014)/Sound Designer/Re-recording Mixer/341am Productions

Deloitte_Future Of Health Care Commercial (2014)/Sound Designer/Re-recording Mixer/Deloitte

Red Hook Crit_8 min spot (2014)/Sound Designer/Re-recording Mixer/Rockstar Games

Arbonne Essentials_14 Commercials (2014)/Re-recording Mixer/Unbundled L.L.C

Skyzone Gym_3 Commercials (2014)/Re-recording Mixer/Unbundled L.L.C

Skyzone Gym_6 Commercials (2013)/Re-recording mixer//Unbundled L.L.C

Fuse Nail Polish_2 Commercials (2013)/Re-recording mixer//Unbundled L.L.C

Keep In Touch_Trailer (2013)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Unbundled Underground

Tokyo Dare_Book Trailer (2013)//Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Books We Love Ltd

Arbonne Essentials_5 Commercials (2013)/Re-recording Mixer/Unbundled L.L.C

Pennsylvania/Promise 6_Commercial (2013)/Re-recording Mixer/Unbundled L.L.C
Absence_2 Trailers (2013)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Cinedigm

Chaz Dean Salon_ TV_2 Commercials (2013)/Re-recording Mixer/Unbundled L.L.C

All The Rage_Trailer (2013)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Pass Line Films

30 Day Feature Film Challenge_Documentary_42 min (2013)/Re-recording Mixer/Osiris Entertainment

Just Wink_5 American Greeting card commercials (2012)/Re-recording Mixer/Unbundled L.L.C

Catisfaction_2 Cardstore.com commercials (2012)/Additional Re-recording Mixer/Unbundled L.L.C

Arbonne Essentials_9 Infomercials (2012)/Re-recording Mixer/Unbundled L.L.C

G-tech_4 Commercials (2011)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Circle Films & G-Tech

Arbonne Essentials_4 Infomercials (2010/2011)/Re-recording Mixer/Unbundled L.L.C

Acting Is (2010)/Editor & Re-recording Mixer/A Heavenly Muse Picture

Star Trek Featurette (2009) Editor & Re-recording Mixer/Paramount Pictures

Comic Con Featurettes (2009) Editor & Re-recording Mixer/Comic Con

Ringling Bros._3 TV spots and 1 radio spot (2009)/Re-recording Mixer/FELD

The Open Road Director Commentary (2009)/Re-recording Mixer/Odd Lot Entertainment

Chris Botti: Live In Boston (2009)/Additional Editor + Re-recording Mixer/Sony Music

The Gold Retrievers: L.O.T.L.T (2008)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Alpine Pictures

Mexican Sunrise Trailer (2008)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Cinepro Pictures

26 Miles TV Trailer (2008)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/26 Miles Productions

Borm To Read Radio/TV Spots (2008)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/San Antonio, TX PLF

Capers Trailer (2007)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Capers Productions

Boost Cellular Commercial (2007)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Boost Cell Inc.

Krassimir Kodak Theatre Performance (2006)/Musical Director + Performer Mega Mogula. Inc.

Krassimir Kodak Theatre Spots (2006)/Engineer, Editor + Re-recording Mixer/Mega Mogula, Inc.

Underworld II 6 DVD Featurettes (2006)/Sound Editor + Re-recording Mixer/Sony + Lakeshore Entertainment

Underworld II DVD Promo (2005)/Sound Editor + Re-recording Mixer Sony + Lakeshore Entertainment

Way Out Video (2005)/Sound Editor + Re-recording Mixer/Berger Productions

Underworld 3 DVD Featurettes (2004)/Sound Editor + Re-recording Mixer/Sony + Lakeshore Entertainment

Underworld 3 DVD Featurettes (2003)/Sound Editor + Re-recording Mixer/Sony + Lakeshore Entertainment

Heineken Commercial (2002)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/Derrick Brothers Productions

Syringa Tree Teleplay (2002)/Dialogue Editor/Salinger Productions

Spooky House Trailer (2002)/Sound Effects + Music Editor/Entertainment Highway

E.H.I Logo (2001)/Sound Effects Editor/Entertainment Highway

Front Page (2001)/Sound Effects + Music Editor/Frontpage.com

Cellular One (1998)/Production Sound Mixer/Design 20/20

Wing Commander IV (1997)/Dialogue Editor/Origin



Cruisers & Shakers (Episodes 1-5)/Re-recording Mixer/JASH_GroupNineMedia

The Inspectors_1 Episode (2015)/M&E Editor & Re-recording Mixer/CBS

Pokerstars: The Big Game (2010/2011)/Re-recording Mixer/Pokerstars.net & Fox

La Nueva Estrella TV Show #4 (2005)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/CBS

La Nueva Estrella TV Show #3 (2005)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/CBS

La Nueva Estrella TV Show #2 (2005)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/CBS

Frankie J (More Than Words) (2005)/Re-recording Mixer/(Live Performance) Sony + La Nueva Estrella

Nina Skyy (Your Time) (2005)/Re-recording Mixer/(Live Performance)/Universal + La Nueva Estrella

Squadron #201 TV Trailer (2003)/Sound Designer + Re-recording Mixer/PBS + Mancilla Productions

Stealth Secrets (2001)/Sound Effects Editor/Discovery Channel



Max-Q 3 Trailer (2010)/Composer/Max-Q Trailers

After Sex (2006)/Score Re-recording Mixer/NALA Films

Outdoorsmen (Blood, Sweat and Beers) (2005)/Composer/Film 101 + Spike TV

Underworld DVD Featurettes (2003-2004)/Composer/Sony + Lakeshore Entertainment

Dirk Derby (2004)/Composer/O Entertainment

The Shield TV (2002-2003)/Composer/The Barn Prod., Inc.

Intoxicating (2002-2003)/Composer/Rogue Arts

Allie and Me (2002)/Composer/Film Kitchen

Media Whore (2002)/Composer/Aglet Productions

The Duo (2001)/Composer/Damage Control Productions

The Source (2001)/Composer/Icon Entertainment

Sweet Thing (2000)/Composer/Jam Pictures L.L.C.

She likes Me (1999)/Composer/M.L.C Inc.



"Fear"_Single_Artist: Kylee (2016)//Producer, Engineer & Co-composer

"Steal My Heart"_Single_Artist: Zory (2015)/Producer, Engineer & Co-composer

"Everybody"_Single_Artist: Krassimir (2014)/Producer, Engineer & Composer/Miles Entertainment

American Bulldog (Indie Album)/Artist Dirty Jenny (2011)/Producer, Engineer + Re-recording Mixer/Medallion Media

If Fates Could Play (indie Dance Single)/Artist: Little Lemon (2011)/Vocal Engineer + Re-recording Mixer/Get Famous

Stand Up (Indie Single)/Artist: Jessie Deluxe (2010)/Producer, Engineer + Re-recording Mixer/JDX Records

Makeover (Indie Album)/Artist: Little Lemon (2010)/Producer, Composer, Engineer + Re-recording Mixer/Get Famous Records

Boudoir Rouge (Indie Album)/Artist: Le Kat (2009)/Producer, Engineer + Re-recording Mixer/Le Kat Meow Records

Illusion (Eurovision 2009 Single)/Artist: Krassimir/(2009)/Composer + Engineer

Music Sound Therapy (Meditation CDs)/Artist: Parris (2008-2009)/Producer, Composer + Re-recording Mixer

U (Indie Album)/Artist: Little Lemon (2008)/Producer, Engineer + Re-recording Mixer/Get Famous Records

Eloquent Cool (Indie Rock Album)/Artist: David Courtenay (2007)/Re-recording Mixer

I m Sorry (single)/Artist: Steph Carse (2006)/Re-recording Mixer

Le Kat (4 song EP)/Artist: Le Kat (2006)/Co-producer, Engineer + Re-recording Mixer/Le Kat Meow Records

Say Goodbye (Single)/Artist: Krassimir (2005)/Producer, Engineer + Re-recording Mixer/Sunny Music (Bulgaria)

Popera (Pop/World Album)/Artist: Krassimir (2004)/Producer, Engineer + Re-recording Mixer/Sunny Music (Bulgaria)

Year Of The Bastard (Rock Album)/Artist: Legends In Exile (2004-2005)/Co-Producer, Engineer + Re-recording Mixer/JL Records

Slipped Away (Single)/Artist: Avril Lavigne (2004)/1st Engineer Arista Records

Redemption Song (Single)/Artist: Chantal Kreviazuk (2003)/2nd Engineer/WarChild + Sony Records

O Holy Night (Single)/Artist: Avril Lavigne + Chantal Kreviazuk (2003)/2nd Engineer/Nettwerk Records

What The World Needs Now (Single)/Artist: Michelle Branch (2003)/2nd Engineer/WarChild + Sony Records

Round My Way (Single)/Artist: NBS featuring Coolio + Sen Dog of Cypress Hill (2003)/Composer, Producer, 1st Engineer + Re-recording Mixer

Intoxicated (Single)/Artist: NBS featuring MC Eiht + Techneic (2003)/Composer, Producer, 1st Engineer + Re-recording Mixer

Die 4 Me (Single)/Artist: NBS featuring Coolio, Sen Dog + Azam ali (2003)/Composer, Producer, 1st Engineer + Re-recording Mixer

Right State Of Mind (Single)/Artist: NBS featuring Brother Marquis + Medussa (2003)/ Composer, Producer, 1st Engineer + Mixer


Silversun Pickups (2007)/Re-recording Mixer

The Smithereens (2007)/Re-recording Mixer

Joe Nichols (2007)/Re-recording Mixer

Landon Pigg (2007)/Re-recording Mixer

Emily King (2007)/Re-recording Mixer

Tracy Lawrence (2007)/Re-recording Mixer

Jeremy Enigk (2007)/Re-recording Mixer

Erin Mckeown (2007)/Re-recording Mixer

The Photo Atlas (2007)/Re-recording Mixer

Priesstess (2007)/Re-recording Mixer

The Sleeping (2007)/Re-recording Mixer

The Oohlas (2006)/Re-recording Mixer

Bedouin Soundclash (2006)/Re-recording Mixer

The Afters (2006)/Re-recording Mixer

The Ditty Bops (2006)/Re-recording Mixer

The Submarines (2006)/Re-recording Mixer

Youth Group (2006)/Re-recording Mixer

Storyside B (2006)/Re-recording Mixer

The Derailers (2006)/Re-recording Mixer

Mojoe (2006)/Re-recording Mixer

Strays Don t Sleep (2006)/Re-recording Mixer

Los Abandoned (2006)/Re-recording Mixer

Starfield (2006)/Re-recording Mixer

Stellar Kart (2006)/Re-recording Mixer

Calcutta (2006)/Re-recording Mixer

Aloe Blacc (2006)/Re-recording Mixer

Meg and Dia (2006)/Re-recording Mixer

Simon Dawes (2006)/Re-recording Mixer

Be Good Tanyas (2006)/Re-recording Mixer

Stoll Vaughn (2006)/Re-recording Mixer

Kelly Sweet (2006)/Re-recording Mixer